PAS Points Allocation Centre

All of the union's Cultural and Arts Exhibitions, along with many other General Events are run by and stored in this agency!

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PAS Points Allocation Centre

Post by Daniel » March 7th 2012, 7:03 am

Base Points

1000 points for a Member State
800 points for an Associate Member
600 points for a Member-by-Proxy (Dependency)

Accrued Points

250 points for hosting an Alliance Games
150 points for winning an Alliance Games
100 points for being runner-up at an Alliance Games
75 points for finishing third at an Alliance Games
50 points for bidding to host an AIN Games
20 points for attending an Alliance Games

300 points for hosting a Simlympic Games*
200 points for winning a Simlympic Games*
100 points for being runner-up at a Simlympic Games*
75 points for finishing third at a Simlympic Games*
50 points for bidding to host a Simlympic Games*
20 points for medaling at a Simlympic Games*

*Not added automatically. Must be claimed in writing.

Each nation is limited to 2000 points.

In order to claim your accrued points, you MUST submit a PAS form for each games. If you do not submit a PAS form, you will only be awarded the base points for your membership level and those points will be distributed randomly. You will have no control over what events your nation is entered into, nor how many points are allocated to said events. Failure to submit a PAS form also results in a forfeit of any points accrued from said games.

Points depreciation: Your accumulated points depreciate by a certain amount each games. This depreciation is calculated prior to PAS submission opening. Any points for bidding/hosting are added after depreciation is calculated. The depreciation rate is based only off accumulated points. Base points are not included in the calculation and no nation will ever have any less than their base points. The depreciation rate is:

10% for a Member State
8% for an Associate Member
6% for a Proxy Member

PAS Points for Member States in alphabetical order

0637 Antarida
1781 Arcacia
1310 Ascadylea
1166 Atlantic Federation
1000 Atlantsia
1086 Calaré
1080 Cattala
0800 Ciarnesia
1432 Corraile
1000 Exelatas
1151 Fairview
1062 Galbadia
0818 Giant Bay
1546 Hiigara
1120 Illu'a
1000 Kamchatka
1047 Karasem
1047 Killorglin
1608 Linktoria
1052 Llithustania
1760 Lower Columbia
0664 Lycanthia
0818 Martazuela
0800 Marquette
1000 New Brunton
1000 Obyershire
1018 Okatabawashi & Noburu
1044 Onubis Federation
1000 Orange Free State
1000 Roquebrune
1000 Santa Malin
1139 Shushtrepistaz
1080 Syldavia
1174 Tirnreich
0818 Westfield

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