Shiroku Expo 2012 | CULTURAL PAVILION

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Shiroku Expo 2012 | CULTURAL PAVILION

Postby BoeingCity » November 24th 2012, 7:18 pm


Post in here the culture of your country or nation. Does your country have any special traditions or religious practices?
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Re: Shiroku Expo 2012 | CULTURAL PAVILION

Postby Thomas » December 2nd 2012, 2:44 pm



The Church of Cattala, also known as the Cattalian Catholic Church, is the officially established Christian Church in Cattala and is in partial communion with the Catholic Church. The church originally was part of the Catholic Church, but after the Cattalian Inquisition that deposed the Bishop of Celestine, the King of Cattala broke away from the church in 1617. The Church has remained similar to the Roman faith through celebration of Mass, belief in the Trinity, follows the Catholic Bible and also has Seven Sacraments. However it has it's own Magisterium and Divina Anima Della Chiesa, or head of the faith. The Church of Cattala is limited in size mostly to Cattala, Roumeli and Ionia, and currently has 3.7 million members in Cattala and overseas.

One of their main policies that has been highlighted by the Church and later approved by the government is that dancing naked in the street is prohibited.
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