Expo 2012 Autumn: General Info

The union's semi-annual expo is back this November, hosted by Shiroku, Shihaisha! Come on in and post your country's pavilion!
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Expo 2012 Autumn: General Info

Post by Zack » October 27th 2012, 4:24 am

[centre]What is AIN Expo?[/centre]

Expo is a unique event showcasing nations of AIN. The purpose of Expo is to aid in the further knowledge of our fellow nations as well as a healthy competition resulting in flourishing nations, culturally, industrially as well as economically. The Expo will help improve and better the cities of AIN nations to prepare our cities for international competitions such as Simlympic bids, Championship bids, AIN Games bids, AIN Summit and other events.

[centre]The Expo[/centre]

Cities will bid to host the expo. Once chosen, the host City/Country will designate a place for countries to set up their stations/booths. Each participating nation will talk about their culture, industry, economy, cities, downtowns, infrastructure, education, crime, health care, security, goings-on and so forth. The booths will be a thread for every country, so that everyone has their own space. Then, once members have decided that they have finished their Expo exhibition, people can comment and review the nations.

[centre]Activity and Participation[/centre]

For this Expo, it is a necessity that people participate. If we don't see enough nations being active, then serious questions will need to be asked about people's dedication to the union and their membership. In this union it is the members who make the events, and if we don't have people participating then we need to question the purpose of us being in a union. Sadly that is what needs to be said - anyway, now on with the Expo.

[centre]Host Nation[/centre]

As far as bidding goes, any country is eligible. There really isn't much you need to do to host; most of the work will be done by the other members who participate in the Expo! I will be on hand to help you, but only to an extent. Here are your requirements for bidding:

[centre]1) A logo
2) A city of at least 10,000
3) Hotels
4) A large open field, park, city square or large indoor arena for the venue.
5) Transportation

We look forward to seeing all the excellent bids, and hope that this can be the best Expo the union has ever seen!

Bidding Deadline: Midnight EST (05:00 GMT), 10 November 2012
Duration of the Expo: 17 November - 1 December 2012
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