Shiroku AIN Expo 2012 | General Information

The union's semi-annual expo is back this November, hosted by Shiroku, Shihaisha! Come on in and post your country's pavilion!
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Shiroku AIN Expo 2012 | General Information

Post by BoeingCity » November 21st 2012, 7:08 pm

[centre]The time is near! The AIN Expo Autumn 2012 is nearing its way! I, Koiso Masuzoe, am making a guide and information "pamphlet" for all countries to use when it's time to set up. The entire Expo is being prepared with decorations and stands and much more for the event! If there are obstacles in your way (RL issues), we encourage you to try your best and post at least 1 thing about your country in any pavilion. This event is being set up for better knowledge of all the AIN nations and city-states. Hopefully, this will be fun, and remember, you guys make these things happen.


November 24: Opening Ceremony
November 25-30 | December 1-21: Pavilion Showcasing
December 22: Closing Ceremony

We expect all nations to make entries in the pavilions. Although you can show what you want with your country's showcase, we do have some expectations when posting.

1.- Include your nation's flag, name, and motto. This will help others recognize who's who in the pavilions.
2.- Please post 5 or more pictures total out of all your showcases. This provides a little more detail to what you will be saying.
3.- Don't make a big deal about what you're writing. Visitors want a detailed, yet short story about your nation.

If any nation or country would like to come early or stay longer, there are plenty of things to do in the city. Shop or dine at the brand new Paris Town, or visit Downtown Shiroku. It has many towers waiting for you to take an elevator to the top. If you want to visit other cities, hitch a ride on the Sakura Connector which provides train rides through the entire country. If leaving/coming during the event, your flag carrier will be sending planes to pick you up. See you at the EXPO!

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Re: Shiroku AIN Expo 2012 | General Information

Post by Thomas » November 21st 2012, 7:13 pm

That picture is stunning, and I like the way that this is heading. I will definitely be participating, like always!
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