Election Results - The New President

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Election Results - The New President

Post by RedAurora » July 13th 2012, 8:01 am

Carrancia and Juliannabourg's 2012 Presidential Elections have officially ended, and the votes have been counted. One specific candidate received almost 60 percent of the votes, more votes than all of the other candidates combined.

That candidate, who is now the President-Elect, is:



Robert Ahwa, of the Equal Advancement Party, will become the fourth president and fifth head-of-state of Carrancia and Juliannabourg on 1 May 2013! Ahwa will also become the first black head-of-state in the nation.


James Delamark, of the Carrancia et Juliannabourg Ecologie, received the second highest number of votes. Therefore, he will be the leader of the Parliament and the emergency president if the President (Ahwa) dies in office or becomes missing.

Likulia Chapwe and Egbert van Campen have both announced that they will run for presidency in 2017.

Robert Ahwa, upon being informed of the election results, said, "It is a great honor for me. I cannot believe that the people want me for this role. I am honored to take it and I promise the people that I will always try to make the right decisions and I will keep Carrancia and Juliannabourg's position as a first world nation."
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