Side Nation: Federal Republic of Lower California

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Re: Side Nation: Federal Republic of Lower California

Post by Michael » September 1st 2018, 8:33 pm

Before this can go to voting since this impedes on an exclusion zone (the US), we must first follow A2 P4.04:
P4.04 An applicant may present an application with a country which overlaps an exclusion zone as defined by the Exclusion Zone map, so long as they provide a valid justification; the overlap does not interfere with current member states unless consensus is agreed; there is a consensus in the application thread with all affected parties and; there is popular support by both senior staff members and member states.
While I believe there is a consensus here (any member that doesn't think that please comment below) I will consult with the Senior Staff to confirm popular support there. After this has been finished, we can propose a checklist and go from there.
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Re: Side Nation: Federal Republic of Lower California

Post by kendallhart808 » September 1st 2018, 9:05 pm

I’ll be honest I don’t get why this country has San Diego. San Diego has always been in Alta California and not in Baja California (which is the California this country stems from; Baja means Lower). It just doesn’t make sense for this country to have San Diego, it was only a few missions at time and even if they did rebel, I can’t imagine that they would be able to bring much of Baja California under their control. San Diego even lost its status as a Pueblo because it dropped to around 100-150 residents. I just doesn’t make sense that even if San Diego did rebel, why they wouldn’t proclaim a republic of Alta California where they were actually located or how they could actually control the land. Even if all 150 people rebelled and formed a government they would have been absolutely crushed by the Mexican government, as there is absolutely no way they would have made a substantial force. By comparison Texas had nearly 30,000 residents in 1830 who were Anglo and they barely beat the Mexicans. The map doesn’t even show San Diego so unless you’re meaning Tijuana I just don’t get it. Of course there are other flaws here like how you managed to control Chihuahua or even bring Sonora under your control as both had much larger populations than Baja California and were quite loyal to Mexico, especially in the Mexican-American War. But until you drop San Diego, I’m for sure not voting for this application.
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Re: Side Nation: Federal Republic of Lower California

Post by Otto » September 2nd 2018, 6:46 am

The way that this application is currently looking, i'm inclined to agree with Kendall, given the location and history. It does not make enough sense to me to merit this country or having San Diego a part of it.

Further, I would love to see some actual original content of your nation, apart from a few paintings that you didn't make. I want to get some sense how this nation actually looks like for you. I know it is not required anymore to have any in game pictures or so, but i'd still want to see something originally done by you giving us some more insight into that nation.
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