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[APPROVED] Republic of Samra

Post by jayguum » August 18th 2018, 7:50 am


Long time no see you guys, this is a teaser promotion for my new south korean nation.
well, actually this is my moodboard in the process of making ingame pictures.
The full application will be completed in a few weeks to make sure i can finish the ingame pictures.
thanks for your attention, hope my new nation could join AIN once more. :inlove:
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National Facts | Republic of Samra

Post by jayguum » August 18th 2018, 7:51 am

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National Fact
Nation Name (Longest Official Form): Republic of Samra
Nation Name (Native Form): 사마라 공화국 (samara gonghwagug)
National Motto: 광명천지 (Kwangmyeong Cheonji) Let there be light across the land
National Anthem: 부용화 (Buyonghwa) Hibiscus Flower
Capital & Largest City: Gyeon
Government: Republic
Offical Language(s): Samran
Ethnic groups: Samran
Demonym: Samran
Head(s) of State: President
Population: 24.394.765
Population Density: 668/Km2
Area: 36.533 Km2
Climate(s): Humid subtropical
GDP ($ PPP - Per Capita): $ 35.685
HDI: 0.884
Currency: Samran Won
Time zone: +9
Date formats:
Drives on the: Right
Simlympic code: KRS
Internet TLD: .ks
Calling code: +83

Major Natural Resources: Coal, Mercury, Tin, Silver Ore, Iron Ore, Woods, Seafood
Major Import/Export Partners: Oka, South Korea, China, EU
Main Industries: High Tech, Information Tech, Steel, Automobile, Ship Building


Godae Period – Acient Samra - 고대 삼라

Archaeological evidence indicates that the people of Samra were engaging in active trade with Han
Dynasty China, Ran Period Oka and Yayoi Japan, South-east-asian nations, with the Tamil Chola dynasty, as
well as mainland Korea, by the 1st century AD.

The first historical references to the kingdom may come in the 3rd century AD, in the chronicle of the
Chinese Three Kingdoms period called the Sanguozhi. The Sanguozhi reports a strange people living on a
large island near Korea, which it calls Juho (州胡, literally "island barbarians"). It is noted these people had a
distinctive language.

King Kohei of Oka sent an envoy of ambassadors to the Island and the Okataian historian Sanhu Tanri
describe the inhabitants of the islands as unorganized and lacking a clear power structure.
The Man-Guk Dynasty was later founded in 286 by King Yohwa, who led a group of people from mainland
Korea after a royal heir dispute in Baekje. The Man-Guk dynasty effectively became Samra’s first organized
society and through alliances and campaigns and gained full control of the islands in 375. The Man- Guk
leaders sought and received formal diplomatic recognition from China, and Chinese accounts record seven
successful leaders as the “Seven Kings of Samra”

In 476 Samra entered into an alliance with Baekje, which controlled the southwestern Korean peninsula as
Samra gave military aide with some sort of money, and also enjoyed strong ties with Japan and Oka. Over the
next hundred years Samra will enjoy a relatively peaceful period of it’s history as commerce and cultural
exchanges with China, Japan and Oka slowly transformed the nation into a consolidated dynasty with a
complex culture. Craftsmen and scholars from China and the Three Kingdoms of Korea played an important
role in transmitting continental technologies and administrative skills to Samra during this period

Man-Guk cavalry procession

Goejon Period – Classical Samra - 고전 삼라

Classical Samra is characterised by the arrival of Buddhism around the year 520 when the religion came from
the Korean kingdom of Baekje. The buddhist Joo Clan started a rebellion against the government and it
became known as the Blue Ribbon Rebellion, the Tansei believing Southern Yua clan also entered into a
rebellion for more power. The rebellions were quelled when an alliance of warlords were sent on a punitive
expedition. The Joo clan agreed to a peace treaty but the Yua Clan was executed, which angered the Nan
Dynasty of Oka who in return sent an army to Samra.

Emperor Gima of Oka believed the Island of Samra would not succeed in staying independent, and wanted to
claim it before the Japanese did. In 551 an envoy from Oka arrived on the southern coasts of Samra, and a
few month later Japanese ships sent by the Soga Clan arrived. The three armies clashed in a historical battle
known as the “Battle of the Red Coast”, a battle that got the name from the blood soaked beach, the battle
ended with Samra having succesfully defended it’s land from Japan and Oka. The victory confirmed Samra’s
capacity to be a powerful nation, and deterred future Korean Attacks.

Samra's mountains by Kan Suk-Chul

Around 624 Taoism and Confusinism lived side by side in Samra, the islands also served as a platform for
scholars to visit Asuka Japan and Nan Oka. Rival Philosophies : Taoism and Confucianism have lived together
for well over 2,000 years. Confucianism deals with social matters that allowed Samra’s government to order
society, while Taoism concerns itself with the search for meaning and spirituality. A Confucianist philosopher
Yeo-Hua wrote many treaties of Confusianism in Samra, while Pan-Sol wrote extensively on Taoism

the growing influence of Taoism and it’s doctrine, aswell as new social order treaties mean that by 660 the
Chul-Hwa Dynasty is instaured following a coup d’etat. King Myung becomes king of the Chul-Hwa Dynasty,
capital is moved to Jeon (Gyeon).

Between 938 - 945 Samara and Goreyo clash in a series of Naval wars were the Samra navy efficiently defend
the northern coasts and Jeju Island.

Jungse Period – Medieval Samra - 중세 삼라

in 1100 the leaders the Man Guk Dynasty had abused their powers through high taxation and moral
misconducts, Son Man Guk had an incestuous relationship with his daughter, and historians account of orgies
organised with ambassadors of other nations, notably the ones with Korean ambassadors that were particularly
lavish and “costed a half of the islands economy”

Warlords and rival clans set up armies and rebelled, a civil war swept through the land. At the battle of Jeon
Gate, the entrance of the capital one of Samra’s most legendary standoffs took place between the last officers
of Man Guk and the rebellion.

After a battery ram destroyed the main gate, the emperor was killed by an arrow that hit him while he was
having intercourse with three prostitutes.

Seon Baek-Yu took the title of emperor and the Baek Yu Dynasty started. The Baek Yu reign was not
characterised by the stability of the former Man Guk Dynasty, and many warlords and clans kept on fighting
for territory. Nevertheless, urbanization increased as the population grew and as the division of labor grew
more complex. Large urban centers, such as Jeon, also contributed to the growth of private industry. In
particular, small-scale industries grew up, often specializing in paper, silk, cotton, and porcelain goods. For
the most part, however, relatively small urban centers with markets proliferated around the country. Town
markets mainly traded food, with some necessary manufactures such as pins or oil. Merchants from Korea,
China and Oka use to qualify Samra as an Island Market during this period

Merchant arriving in Jeon by Ma Song-Hun

In 1338 the State of Teiko formed from a loose alliance of clans and neighbouring Oka quickly went to war
with it, the Ketsugan wars would impoverish both nation, letting Samra solidify its status as a trading hub in
East Asia.

Following the Ketsugan wars, an idealistic Confucianism-based ideology became prevalent in East Asia,
especially in Korea that exported the ideology to Samra. The prevailing philosophy throughout the the later
medieval period was Neo-Confucianism, which was epitomized by the Hansuk class, scholars who passed up
positions of wealth and power to lead lives of study and integrity. Subsenquently this led to closer ties with
Korea and the Joseon Dynasty. This is noted as a pivotal point in Samra’s history where the nation’s culture
starts to greatly differ from it’s Japonic neighbours (Oka, Teiko, Japan)
Merchant arriving in Jeon by Ma Song-Hun

In Japan, Toyotomi Hideyoshi marshalled his forces and tried to invade Teiko in 1586. Strategist and Oka’s
Minister Yūki Gennai aknowledged Teiko's importance as an ally, but also as a buffer nation between Oka and
Japan. The war had lasted a long time and most of Oka's best officers and generals perished. A joint envoy
from Teiko and Oka was sent to Samra to plead for support in the closing stages of the campaign against
Toyotomi Hideyoshi.

Samra sent out four admirals on a campaign, Tong Nam-Gi, Yu Kwang, Ch'u Jung and Kyo Jeong-Mun all
perished along with 20,000 men during the six year campaign. Samra’s implication meant Samra, Oka and
Teiko succesfully repelled Toyotomi Hideyoshi. This war saw the four admirals become national symbols of
Samra, they are known as the “Guardians of Samra”

Scene from the Movie "Struggle for Existence" which focuses on Samra’s endeavours during the campaign against Hideyoshi

Jungsaeng Period – Early Modern Samra - 중생 삼라

Early Modern Samra is qualified by the arrival of European traders on the Island. The Baek Yu dynasty
practised a non expansionary form of governance and implemented many cultural and societal norms that
would lead Samra becoming an evermore homogeneous nation.

In 1848 the Baek Yu Dynasty settled strategic alliance with neighbouring countries that were in
transformation. In Teiko, the Kuroko clan took control of the Government marking a turning point in it’s
history. And in Oka the federal kingdom was proclaimed. Five years later, in 1853 Japan ended it’s
isolationism, marking the beginning of trade routes with Japan. In that period the cities of Amasan, Hwalun
and Woyang became large port cities in Samra.

Celebration at the Moon pavilion of Amasan by Namgung Kang-Dae

Hyeondae Period – Modern Samra - 현대 삼라

1894 marks the invasion of Samra by Japan, the beginning of the Sino-Japanese War and Teiko was in war
with Japan, with Oka’s supporting it’s autonomy. In December 1895, the Kingdom of Teiko joined Japan, and
war against China, Samra and Oka intensified. As a result of the Sino-Japanese War (1894–1895), the
1895 Treaty of Shimonoseki was concluded between China and Japan. It stipulated the abolition of traditional
relationships between China and it’s East Asian counterparts.

In following years Japan corrupted the government of Samra and public opinion shifted, the resistance fled to
the mountains, and intellectuals who had fled Teiko and Oka lived in seclusion in the higher mountains of

Samra. Russian influence and support was strong in East Asia until being defeated by Japan in the Russo-
Japanese War (1904–1905). In 17 November 1905, the 1905 Protectorate Treaty was passed unifying Samra
and Korea under Japan’s rule as one protectorate. The Treaty was passed both without the Korean emperor’s
signature, nor any consideration from Samra’s emperor.

A Japanese ship sinking in Samra's sea

By 1910, Korea, Samra and Oka are all annexed to Japan. The demographic weight of these nations
outnumbers Japan, and a resistance starts forming. Known as the “Freedom Association” the group counted
intellectual of many east asian nations. War quickly erupted again before the Freedom Association could
carry out any plans. And in 1945 after the surrender of Japan, Samra become independent. And in 1948 -
Establishment of Republic of Samra, first election held under US supervision, Samra's first President elected.
In honor to the “Freedom Association” on the 29th of October 1948 aboard a ship at the tripoint between
Teiko, Oka and Samra – an oath is made, and a non aggression treaty is signed.

...Pyeonghwa Maengse - The Oath of the tranquil Ocean - 평화 맹세

The president of Samra, Che Ki-Nam
“Never again will the people of East Asia see their farmers drink water from rivers of blood, never again will
the children of East Asia sleep at night with doubt of ever waking up. No, never”

The president of Oka, Hino Osamu
“Never again will the wives of our men listen to the radio holding onto their tears, never again will the memory
of our men only be torn and bloody uniforms. No, never”

Premier of the Restored Kingdom of Teiko, Akashi Ryūichi
“Never again will our sovereignty be insulted by such means, never again will our men and women forget what
dignity feels like; No, never”

On the 70th anniversary of the treaty to honour it’s message of peace and cooperation the Republic of
Samra would like extend it’s cooperation by entering the Alliance of Independent Nations.

Country Images :
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Re: a Teaser Comeback | Republic of Samra

Post by Gregor » August 18th 2018, 8:55 am

Nice video jay! looking forward for your comeback Samra seems an interesting nation, you need to have your history well in place, because korean culutre is very homogenous! Looking forward ! :D
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Re: a Teaser Comeback | Republic of Samra

Post by jmsepe » August 18th 2018, 12:43 pm

My god, East Asia is getting too crowded. Haha
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Re: a Teaser Comeback | Republic of Samra

Post by Michael » August 18th 2018, 3:14 pm

Very nice video. Eager for more!
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Re: a Teaser Comeback | Republic of Samra

Post by Charlie » August 18th 2018, 11:31 pm

Now this is exciting!! Eager to see what you’ve got in stall for us 8)
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Re: a Teaser Comeback | Republic of Samra

Post by Nanami » August 24th 2018, 11:55 am

Waiting for the ingame pictures... ;)
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Re: On Work | Republic of Samra

Post by jayguum » August 26th 2018, 5:28 pm

Hello everyone, back again, i'm trying to share a progress for this week

Greg! would love to show my nation's history once it's started :rofl: you know i'm not a literature person at all :doh:

JM hi, how are you ? i would like to know how to contact you via WA or Skype :call: :call: :call:

Michael would love to doing more like that in RPs :nod:

Charlie Hi, long time not talking to you! sorry my english was a disaster back in 4/5 years ago :whew:

Nanami i'll need more of your help for finishing my application! :call:

27 August update
Flag, Emblem and Maps added
National Facts added
Some Ingame pictures added
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Re: On Work | Republic of Samra

Post by ulisse » August 26th 2018, 5:55 pm

Here is my opinion on this application.

1 The flag and the CoA are fine
2 The map looks like that's fine
3 The images in the game are fine
4 Statistical data is fine, but GDP and HDI are missing.
5 The story is missing.

This application started in the right way but it needs to enter the story and some statistical data
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Re: On Work | Republic of Samra

Post by jayguum » August 26th 2018, 6:18 pm

Thankyou ulisse, i might will add that on next update(s),

just like what Greg said that history of Korean peninsula is very homogeneous, i need to learn more about it and also check another facts from Teiko and Okatabawashi since they will be my neighbors later.

i'll need another cups of coffee :whew:
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Re: On Work | Republic of Samra

Post by jmsepe » August 27th 2018, 9:20 am

You can find me in skype sepe.jeanmarlo or WA sepe.jeanmarlo@gmail.com
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Re: On Work | Republic of Samra

Post by Poi112 » September 8th 2018, 1:59 pm

Oh hello there looks like the nation is close to mine. I like the application, hope we can do roleplays in the future between our countries :) .
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Re: On Work | Republic of Samra

Post by jayguum » September 8th 2018, 8:59 pm

Thanks JM
hello Poi112, would love to do RP with you! yeah, we will sharing a sea border i guess haha

Guys, i wanna hear more what you think about my proposal, especially about the history, i would like to know your opinion about them, thanks!

9 September update
National Facts updated
History Added
Another Ingame pictures added
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Re: Application | Republic of Samra

Post by Gregor » September 9th 2018, 9:42 am

First of all let me say that the new city images are wonderful,

Second of all Ive read the history. The way you describe Samra's history would lead me into thinking it is a small island close to Korea, something the size of Jeju or a bit larger. However the map and size of the nation clearly indicates otherwise, Samra is geographically between Japan and Korea and almost as big as a Kyushu.

These geographic facts would rather indicate Samra has a more independent history and culture (though it could have been greatly influenced by Korea)

A more independent history could mean that Samra had developed its powers and had wars and defend its autonomy.

A more independent culture would maybe mean the national language isn't Korean but Cheju, a dialect from Jeju island that also has links to Japanese
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Re: Application | Republic of Samra

Post by jayguum » September 23rd 2018, 4:24 pm

Thanks for the feedback Greg, i'm still working to revide my history of this app, might need more time to ensure it's well written. and i might ask you on PM
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