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Post by Sitifranc » December 30th 2014, 12:07 pm

Fox wrote:@Sitifranc


Asgaror Air, owner of the budget airline Onaala Air, wishes to fly direct from Roumeli International Airport (Cattala), it's base of operations in Europe, direct to Žarina Airport Zagoria.

Airline(s) Involved*: Onaala Air
Departs From: Roumeli International Airport (Cattala)
Arrives at: Žarina Airport Zagoria
Airplane Used: Onaala Air
Other Information: Daily flight.
Zagorian Government,Zagorian Ministry of Transport and the Direction of ZA.S.A. Airlines d.o.o. with happiness accept your proposal to create a new airlink between Roumeli International Airport and Žirina.


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